Fix list display of multiple-correction items

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TEC 2024-05-12 22:45:53 +08:00
parent cec58d1a39
commit 37e25a9534
Signed by: tec
SSH Key Fingerprint: SHA256:eobz41Mnm0/iYWBvWThftS0ElEs1ftBr6jamutnXc/A
1 changed files with 11 additions and 5 deletions

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@ -419,11 +419,17 @@ with a non-zero :count field, adds that value to the autocorrect count via
(push (list (cons misspelling correction)
(if (and ambiguous-p (not ignored-p))
(concat misspelling " "
(propertize (format "(%d)"
(- (length corrections)
(length (assoc (car correction) corrections))))
'face 'shadow))
(setq misspelled-col-width (max misspelled-col-width (+ (length misspelling) 4)))
(concat misspelling " "
(propertize "(" 'face 'shadow)
(- (length corrections)
(length (memq correction corrections))
'face '(italic shadow))
(propertize ")" 'face 'shadow)))
(propertize misspelling
'face (if ignored-p 'shadow 'default)))