Add page position to nov modeline

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TEC 2024-05-06 22:58:27 +08:00
parent 893fa421c4
commit 6fc5f042bd
Signed by: tec
SSH Key Fingerprint: SHA256:eobz41Mnm0/iYWBvWThftS0ElEs1ftBr6jamutnXc/A
1 changed files with 9 additions and 3 deletions

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@ -5728,7 +5728,7 @@ currently playing media.
(doom-modeline-def-segment nov-author
(cdr (assoc 'creator nov-metadata))
'face 'doom-modeline-project-parent-dir))
'face (doom-modeline-face 'doom-modeline-project-parent-dir)))
(doom-modeline-def-segment nov-title
(let ((title (or (cdr (assoc 'title nov-metadata)) "")))
(if (<= (length title) doom-modeline-nov-title-max-length)
@ -5742,12 +5742,18 @@ currently playing media.
(format " %d/%d"
(1+ nov-documents-index)
(length nov-documents))
'face 'doom-modeline-info
'face (doom-modeline-face 'doom-modeline-info)
'help-echo (if (= words 1) "1 word in this chapter"
(format "%s words in this chapter" words)))))
(doom-modeline-def-segment scroll-percentage-subtle
(propertize (format-mode-line '("" doom-modeline-percent-position "%%"))
'face (doom-modeline-face 'shadow)
'help-echo "Buffer percentage")))
(doom-modeline-def-modeline 'nov
'(workspace-name window-number nov-author nov-title nov-current-page)
'(workspace-name window-number nov-author nov-title nov-current-page scroll-percentage-subtle)
'(media-player misc-info major-mode time))
(add-to-list 'doom-modeline-mode-alist '(nov-mode . nov)))