The personal forge of TEC

Thanks to Forgejo, a painless, self-hosted Git service.

Git is the foremost DVCS, and so I consider a distributed forge system very much in keeping with the idea. Furthermore, considering the ideals and rationale of the free software movement, it seems doubly strange to tie oneself to a centeralised proprietary SaaS offering like GitHub.

Here you may find my personal forge. It currently hosts a few projects that are mirrored to GitHub, and a few projects I've just got here. The long term plan is to essentially move off GitHub, probably mirroring major projects for visibility.

Moving my projects to this single-user forge seems like a strange decision if I'm interested in collaboration (I am), but there are three approaches that can be taken to make this work:

Emailing patches
The original way of sharing code! 😎 It didn't stop working at any point, and it's easy enough for me to review, apply, and push.
Redirecting PRs from mirrors
I could hypothetically check out a PR to a mirror (using Magit's Forge) and then simply merge it with the main branch and push it to the canonical repository. This is (as of yet) untested though ⚠.
I'm wildly excited for ForgeFed, and soon™ it should be possible to make PRs across Forgejo instances 🤯 (and anyone else implementing the ForgeFed protocol).