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@ -295,7 +295,7 @@ This takes most people 515 minutes to complete.",
"Barbadian", "Belarusian", "Belgian", "Belizean", "Beninese", "Bermudian", "Bhutanese", "Bolivian",
"Bosnia and Herzegovina", "Botswanan", "Brazilian", "British", "British Virgin Islander", "Bruneian",
"Bulgarian", "Burkinan", "Burmese", "Burundian", "Cambodian", "Cameroonian", "Canadian", "Cape", "Verdean",
"Cayman Islander", "Central", "African", "Chadian", "Chilean", "Chinese", "Colombian", "Comoran",
"Cayman Islander", "Central African", "Chadian", "Chilean", "Chinese", "Colombian", "Comoran",
"Congolese (Congo)", "Congolese (DRC)", "Cook Islander", "Costa Rican", "Croatian", "Cuban", "Cymraes",
"Cymro", "Cypriot", "Czech", "Danish", "Djiboutian", "Dominican", "Dominican Republic citizen", "Dutch",
"East Timorese", "Ecuadorean", "Egyptian", "Emirati", "English", "Equatorial", "Guinean", "Eritrean", "Estonian",