Glossary, Acronyms, and Index capability within Org
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Org Glossary


There are four major pieces of functionality this package provides a generalised interface for glossary-like structures, with default support for:

  • Glossary
  • Acronyms
  • Indices
  • Text substitutions

For more details, see the documentation.


Try using Org Glossary for all your glosses, acronyms, and more within your
favourite ML with a unicorn mascot. It attempts to provide powerful
functionality, in keeping with the simplicity of the Org ML we all know and

* Glossary
- glosses :: Brief notations, giving the meaning of a word or wording in a text.
* Acronyms
- ML :: Markup Language
* Index
- unicorn



(use-package org-glossary
  :straight (:host github :repo "tecosaur/org-glossary"))


;; $DOOMDIR/packages.el
(package! org-glossary
  :recipe (:host github :repo "tecosaur/org-glossary"))

;; $DOOMDIR/config.el
(use-package! org-glossary
  :hook (org-mode . org-glossary-mode))